Trump directs his government to start withdrawing rights in Hong Kong

US President Donald Trump said Friday, in response to China’s plans to enforce new security regulations on the region, he was directing his administration to begin the process of removing preferential treatment for Hong Kong. Trump made the announcement at a news conference in the White House, claiming that China had broken its word on the sovereignty of Hong Kong. He said his push toward Hong Kong was a disaster for the Hong Kong people, for China and for the world.

Trump’s decision follows Chinese efforts to enforce new laws on the former British colony in terms of national security. State Secretary Mike Pompeo said that the territory no longer warrants special treatment under U.S. law, which has allowed it to remain a global financial centre. Trump said that he was pushing his administration to begin the process of removing Hong Kong policy arrangements, from extradition treatment to export controls.

He said on Friday he would also issue a proclamation to better safeguard vital university research by suspending the entry of Chinese foreign nationals identified as potential security risks. On Thursday, sources, including a current U.S. official, told Reuters that the latter move, which was expected, could affect 3,000 to 5,000 Chinese graduate students.