Trump signs a bill, ordering China to be rebuked and slamming Joe Biden

President Donald Trump signed legislation and an executive order on Tuesday that he said would keep China responsible for its repressive behavior against the Hong Kong people, then immediately changed his speech in the Rose Garden to a broadside rally-style attack against Democrat rival Joe Biden. The law and order was part of the offensive of the Trump administration toward China for what he terms the rising Asian superpower’s unequal treatment, which with held information about the cornoavirus’ human-to-human transformation.

Trump added: “As vice president, Biden was a leading supporter of the Paris Climate Agreement, which was extremely costly for our country. It would have crushed American factories while allowing China to pollute the environment with impunity, just another gift from Biden to the Chinese Communist Party.” Trump’s criticism of Biden was not limited to China. After broadside against Biden he delivered broadside on subjects ranging from energy to environment, education to immigration.

Lawmakers from both parties urged Trump to take strong action in response to China’s new national security law that erodes the mechanism in which Britain handed over Hong Kong to China in 1997 under the “one country , two systems” Hong Kong has its own political and economic structures and is considered a special administrative region within China.