More than 150 countries sign up for a global vaccine plan on coronavirus

More than 70 rich countries have signed up to a global coronavirus vaccine initiative to ensure that any effective shots are distributed fairly across the globe-but that may also allow them to purchase more vaccines to store for their own citizens. The Gavi vaccines alliance reported in a statement on Wednesday that 75 countries have said they will join their new “Covax facility” along with another 90 low-income countries hoping to receive donated vaccines.

Gavi told donor governments that when an effective inoculation is found within its pool of candidates for COVID-19, all countries will receive enough to cover 20 percent of their populations, including rich countries that may have their own stocks. It said the countries would be encouraged to give up any doses they might not need, but not required.

Gavi CEO Berkley acknowledged that there was no enforcement mechanism, but he said the alliance would talk to rich countries to come forward with possible solutions. Gavi said about 60 per cent of the world ‘s population represents the 165 countries that expressed interest. The alliance aims to raise $2bn to purchase COVID-19 vaccines.