American mulls are dependent on Chinese ruling party leaders and their families

According to a media article, the US is mulling over imposing a sweeping travel ban on leaders of China’s ruling Communist Party and their relatives, a step that could further escalate bilateral tensions. The presidential decree, still in its draft form, could also require the U.S. government to withhold visas from members of the CPC and their families already in the country , leading to their expulsion, the New York Times reported on Wednesday, citing sources.

The US has also lambasted China for undermining Hong Kong ‘s independence, a semi-autonomous Chinese territory with a special trading arrangement with America, by enforcing the national security legislation that allows Beijing to strengthen its hold on the former British colony. Nevertheless, the study also claimed that President Donald Trump could oppose the request for a travel ban. This also suggested some practical challenges in enforcing the travel ban. The CPC is composed of 92 million members.

In 2018, almost three million Chinese people visited the United States, but the figures have decreased due to the coronavirus pandemic and the new ban on most Chinese travelers. With a vast majority of them, the US government doesn’t have knowledge of party affiliation. So it would be difficult to seek to locate Party leaders immediately to either prevent their entry or expel those already in the country, the report said.