Members of South Korean religious group of super spreaders to donate plasma to coronavirus patients

South Korean coronavirus super spreader religious group members from Shincheonji Daegu Church have decided to donate plasma to help the Covid-19 patients with serious problems. A press release from the group has said that this week at least 500 community members will be donating blood plasma. The group was seen as a super spreader in South Korea earlier this year, when the outbreak began in the country.

In June, Shincheonji expressed its intention to donate 4,000 members of blood plasma, but as of the 10th, only 55 members could donate blood plasma, since there were only three hospitals in Daegu that could receive the plasma. Shincheonji said that within this week 500 members of the blood plasma will be procured using the blood donation cars that can be extracted in large quantities. So far, around 170 people have collected blood plasma nationwide, and clinical trials will begin this week.

After the clinical trials, the plasma of 500 people donated by Shincheonji will then be used to produce medicine for blood treatment. Meanwhile, Shincheonji was sued by Daegu city’s small business owners for providing the cause of Covid-19 ‘s spread to Daegu. As a result, some analysts say the donation of blood plasma is an attempt to ease Shincheonji ‘s worsening public opinion and restore the least of its honour.