With more than 1 lakh new cases in 4 days, India’s coronavirus counts more than 10 lakh

India’s count of reported novel coronavirus cases with Maharashtra reached 10 lakh on Thursday and Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh among other states reporting increases in the number of new cases. According to the COVID bulletin of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on the morning of July 16, India had reported cases to be 9,68,876. The number included 3,31,146 active cases and 6,12,815 recoveries followed by 24,915 casualties. Maharashtra leads with the most confirmed cases followed by Delhi and Tamil Nadu.

On Thursday, 8641 new cases registered to Maharashtra. The state now has 2.84.281 confirmed cases with that growth. On 16 July, Mumbai accounted for 23,694 cases. The state with the second-highest number of confirmed cases in India, Tamil Nadu reported a spike of 4549 in its tally of confirmed cases. Now, there are 46,714 active cases in the state.

India is actually the world ‘s third worst-affected country by Covid-19, behind only the United States with 35,33,317 and Brazil with 19,66,748 reported cases (John Hopkins COVID Dashboard). Russia is trailing India with over 7.5 cases of lakh followed by Peru with 3.37 cases of lakh and Chile with 3.23 cases of lakh.