China limits visas for some Hong Kong citizens in the US

China imposed visa limits on US citizens who have “behaved egregiously” over Hong Kong on Monday, ahead of Chinese lawmakers’ planned approval of a contentious law on national security for the region. The country is moving forward on a security law that would punish subversion and other crimes against the Hong Kong state which last year saw major and often violent pro-democracy protests.

US President Donald Trump’s administration said on Friday that it revoked U.S. visas for a number of unidentified Chinese officials for violating the Asian financial hub ‘s autonomy. In response, Chinese spokesman for the foreign ministry Zhao Lijian said Monday that the “scheme … to block the passage of Hong Kong’s national security law will never prevail”

“To counter the above-mentioned wrongful actions of the US, China has agreed to place visa restrictions on American people who have acted egregiously on Hong Kong-related matters,” Zhao said.