U.S. Embassy in Myanmar warns of Chinese violence aimed at weakening community sovereignty

The US Embassy in Myanmar said that China’s crackdown on democracy in the region and its increasing aggression have had an effect on the region’s sovereignty. Chargé d’affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Myanmar, George N Sibley, wrote an article in the local news site, Irrawaddy.com, ‘Why the Erosion of Sovereignty Elsewhere Impacts Myanmar at Home,’ detailing why ‘The People’s Republic of China has continued to clamp down on independence and contempt for the sovereignty of other nations.’

Although China ‘s impact on Yangon was a matter of great concern to Washington DC, the officer contrasted the violations of international rules and laws and the “false allegations” on the South China Sea Islands, given the refusal by the Arbitral Tribunal to recognize Beijing ‘s maritime allegations, with the advances they are making that will put Myanmar in a debt trap.

“Whether in the South China Sea, Myanmar or elsewhere, the United States joins ASEAN countries in calling for a free and open rule-based order. Myanmar benefits when it is not burdened by unnecessary debt or exploited for strategic gain when it negotiates energy, communications or transport infrastructure projects, “the American diplomat wrote.