Donald Trump had been warned of a pandemic three months before Covid had hit.

In September 2019, oblivious the novel coronavirus, a team of top economists in the Donald Trump administration warned the US President about the potential risks of a pandemic. The team allegedly alerted the White House to the oncoming pandemic and sent a 41-page report, but the advice was not taken into account. Philipson said the study “warned that a pandemic epidemic could kill as many as half a million Americans and cause up to $3.79 trillion in harm to the US economy.”

Contrary to the President’s statement, the 41-page study prepared by Philipson ‘s team was introduced to senior White House officials in September 2019, although the first few cases of novel coronavirus were identified in Wuhan , China in mid-December, and the World Health Organization was told of the virus infection at the end of December.

Meanwhile, according to the latest WHO reports, the US currently has the highest number of Covid-19 cases and deaths. Cities after cities and states have experienced massive loss of life and wealth as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent shutdown in the US. As of July 18, the total number of people tested positive for Covid-19 in the United States had reached 35,44,143. Of these, 1,37,674 died.