The new cluster of viruses spreads to five Chinese regions

A new coronavirus outbreak in a port city in northeast China has spread to other provinces and has led to fresh restrictions, authorities said Tuesday, as Beijing is trying to avoid a second wave of infections. China has effectively regulated the virus since it first appeared in the country late last year, through a series of tight lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Six more cases have also been reported in the industrial port town of Dalian, Liaoning province, where a new outbreak occurred at a seafood processing plant last week. This takes the total number of new infections to 44 in Dalian. Health authorities have said that the Dalian cluster has now spread to nine cities in five regions across the country, including the south-eastern coastal province of Dalian.

Beijing has started mass monitoring of residents in the suburban housing estate where the patient lives. Twelve new asymptomatic cases were also registered in Dalian on Tuesday. Asymptomatic cases are counted separately by China. The Chinese Super League is currently competing in the city under strict conditions.