India has the largest daily increase in coronavirus cases in the world, surpassing the US, Brazil

India has reported 52,050 new coronavirus cases with 803 deaths in the last 24 hours. India’s coronavirus count has now reached the 18.55-lakh mark with almost 39,000 deaths. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, India currently has a total of 18,55,746 coronavirus cases, while the death toll is 38,938.

The 18,55 lakh cases include 5,86,298 active coronavirus cases and 12,30,510 cured or discharged cases. The Government has reported that the rate of recovery of coronavirus is over 66% in India. India is the third-most affected nation in the world with 18.55 cases of lakh coronavirus. Brazil, the second worst-affected country, has 9 lakh more cases than India, with a total of 27 lakh cases, according to Covid 19, Johns Hopkins University.

The United States currently has a record of more than 47 outbreaks of lakh coronavirus, with more than 1,55 lakh people dead so far. The global coronavirus death toll is 6.92 lakh as of Tuesday morning, though the figures are on a steady increase.