Coronavirus recovery can take more than a month, recent research suggests symptoms persist after recovery.

Approximately 6 Lakh people have recovered from the novel coronavirus in India. Although it’s good news, medical experts say it’s not that easy. The recovery process from Covid-19, according to experts, is long and arduous. Coronavirus infection is known to cause damage to the immune system. Physical and neurological symptoms are found in patients following recovery.

Clinical experts agree that the most common post-recovery problem is serious exhaustion, breathlessness and tiredness. Dr Sandeep Buddhiraja, director medicine at Max Healthcare said, “After recovery, it can take four to six weeks for the patient to go back to normalcy. An extreme level of fatigue and tiredness is the most common complaints among the recovered patients. The second most common complaint is not being able to take a full breath.”

Doctors in various hospitals, who have treated Covid-19 patients, have also witnessed some neurological effects, both short-term and long term, in some rare cases of patients where the virus has affected the brain.