Coronavirus epicenter Wuhan is back to normal as people return to social activity

Fans dancing at a festival of electronic music, long queues at breakfast stands, gridlocked traffic — these days the scenes in coronavirus ground zero Wuhan would have been unimaginable in January. The recovery of the central Chinese town after a 76-day lockdown in April was lifted has brought life back to its streets.

The queues snaking outside breakfast stands are a far cry from the terrified crowds that lined up at the hospitals in the city in the first weeks after the city was quarantined in January to curb Covid-19 ‘s spread. The hazmat suits and protective goggles which once were the standard have given way to umbrellas and sun hats as visitors protect themselves from the scorching summer sun, posing for pictures in front of the historic Yellow Crane Tower in the city.

At a pandemic-themed show, families peer through glass at autographed hazmat suits used at the height of Wuhan’s epidemic by medical staff in an effort to record an unparalleled time in the history of the region. China’s domestic epidemic has largely been brought under control, but intermittent outbreaks and a summer of extreme flooding have worsened the economic implications. Despite fears of a resurgence, some residents of Wuhan are eager to enjoy the recovery of the area.