Donald Trump raised ties with India in ways not seen under any other President of the United States

US President Donald Trump has strengthened America’s relations with India and solidified the two countries’ growing relationship in ways unprecedented in any previous administration, the White House has said. The President of the United States will continue to build this critical partnership in the years to come, he asserted.

“Given the two countries” democratic foundations and their mutual interests in rebuilding the global economy following COVID-19, diversifying global supply chains, and ensuring the Indo-Pacific region remains free and open, President Trump will continue to build this critical partnership in the years to come,” the official said. “During President Trump”s historic visit to India February 24-26, he and Prime Minister Narendra Modi elevated the relationship to a Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership. Prime Minister Modi was also one of the first foreign leaders to visit the White House after President Trump took office on June 26, 2017,” the official said.

“As global leaders with vibrant democracies, the United States and India have cooperated to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. US and Indian pharmaceutical companies have collaborated to expand global supplies of critical medicines and are cooperating on vaccine development,” the official added. “Of course, due credit also goes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his skilled policy towards the US. The India-US relationship has been rock solid. Kudos to the brilliance of both Trump and Modi for cementing the bond between India and US,” Mason told PTI.