Coverage of the Donald Trump convention illustrates the split in the country

The country heads into the fall campaign as divided as ever to listen to news analysts wrapping up the Republican convention and analysing President Donald Trump’s acceptance speech. Following two weeks of conventions in the COVID era, there was a weariness in the voices of observers-mostly virtual for the Democrats and, for the Republicans, a series of mostly prepared speeches that ended with a spectacle on the White House lawn.

At the beginning, MSNBC went from airing more of the convention to slowly showing fewer, with further fact-checking as the week progressed. Fox News Channel went in the opposite direction after some of its viewers protested Monday that they learned too much from network personalities, and not enough of the reality. Trump’s speech duration and delivery Thursday drew low marks from many critics, as it sometimes took the case when the president sticks to a teleprompter on a droning theme.

A measurement that Trump closely watches will come out Friday, when the president sees if he can match up with the 24.6 million people who tuned in last week to watch Democratic opponent Joe Biden. On two of the three nights of the conventions, Democrats outpaced Republicans. That was the case Wednesday, where Nielsen estimated the Republicans were watched by 17.3 million people , compared to 22.8 million who saw the Democrats exactly a week earlier.