People who protested during RNC speech in Washington were thugs, Donald Trump claims

Republican nomination, U.S. Fresh from accepting At a campaign stop in New Hampshire’s politically significant county, President Donald Trump had harsh words for anti-racism demonstrators Friday. Speaking to a crowd in an airport hangar, Trump called out “thugs” to the protestors who attempted to interrupt his White House speech on Thursday night and said Senator Rand Paul may have died after he was swarmed by protesters.

The president has stressed a message of “law and order” to inspire his electoral base and draw more supporters as he trails the Democratic presidential candidate, former vice president Joe Biden, in national polls ahead of the Nov. 3 election. Trump has been criticized for not displaying remorse after police shootings and killings of Black men, including George Floyd, who died in police custody in Minneapolis in May, sparking nationwide anti-racism protests.

Trump hasn’t spoken extensively on Blake, but on Friday he spoke extensively about the demonstrators without mentioning what demonstration he was talking about. Biden and his running mate, vice presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris, said Trump’s rhetoric and treatment of the coronavirus pandemic is making America less secure.