Trump lashes Biden, defies the White House pandemic

President Donald Trump denounced Joe Biden as a hapless career politician who would put American security in jeopardy as he welcomed the renomination of his party on the White House’s South Lawn. While the coronavirus kills 1,000 Americans every day, Trump defied the pandemic guidelines of his own administration to speak to a densely packed, largely maskless crowd for more than an hour.

Faced with a moment of racial turmoil, economic collapse, and a national health emergency, Trump gave America’s future Thursday a triumphant, optimistic vision. But he said that only if he defeated his Democratic foe, who currently has an advantage in most national and battleground state polls, could he secure a brighter horizon. When Trump finished, the Washington Monument went off with a massive display of fireworks, complete with explosions that spelled out “Trump 2020.”

Teasing once again that a vaccine could soon arrive, the president promised victory over the coronavirus pandemic, which killed more than 180,000 people in the U.S., left millions unemployed and rewrote society’s rules. And, in setting for his speech , Trump sought to cast aside caution about the coronavirus to project a sense of normalcy.