Trump says the US won’t have shutdowns anymore, advocates for opening schools

Even as coronavirus cases keep mounting in the U.S., President Donald Trump said on Thursday that the U.S. crisis was coming to a close. “We’re rounding the final turn,” Trump said, lauding the US, adding, “The US has done very well, we’re proud of everybody working for that. There are vaccinations right there, but we’re rounding the corner even without them. If you look at how people are healing, relative to the past.”

“The president warned that if elected in November, Joe Biden would “shut down the entire country,” Trump then said, “The Democrats’ unscientific, blanket lockdown is the next wrong move. Let me be clear, we’re not going to have shutdowns anymore. No. Maybe it is possible to monitor small parts where there are breakouts, but not a blanket shutdown like before.

He also talked of a visit to Afghanistan by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. “This evening, Pompeo will leave for the start of intra-Afghan peace talks on a historic trip to Doha , Qatar. These talks are the culmination of a bold diplomatic push in recent months and years by the Trump Administration,” he said. He declared the signing of peace between the UAE and Israel at next week’s White House. “We will host a historic signing at the White House next week between the United Arab Emirates and Israel!”