Twitter suspends Chinese virologist ‘s account of the Covid-19 virus in Wuhan laboratory

Twitter has removed the Chinese virologist’s social media account, saying coronavirus had been created in a Wuhan laboratory. Recently, Li-Meng Yan made headlines when she claimed to have evidence to prove that the deadly virus was developed in a laboratory in Wuhan. After becoming a whistleblower in the event, she allegedly fled China.

Yan’s account was taken down Tuesday after she accused China of purposely developing and releasing Covid-19, according to a report in Daily Mail. With a message on her page reading,’ Account suspended, her account stays down. Accounts that breach the Twitter rules are suspended by Twitter.’ As per the article, it is not clear whether there was one particular tweet from Yan that violated the policy of Twitter. Li reported that she had evidence that the virus originated from the city’s virology lab and not from the wet food market.

“They deleted all my details and also told people to spread rumours about me,” she said, accusing the Chinese authorities of dismissing her even before she fled the country. Nevertheless, according to The Sun, the Chinese National Health Board, the World Health Organization and the University of Hong Kong have refuted her claims.