FarmVille To Shut Down Operations After 11 Years As Adobe Discontinues Flash Updates

Popular video game FarmVille is shutting down. Facebook said that the game will be no longer available on the platform after December 31 this year. FarmVille is an agriculture-simulation game. It was developed by Zynga. It was launched in 2009. FarmVille turned social media users into farmers overnight. It is hugely popular among Facebook users. The game involves various aspects of managing farmland. It lets layers to cultivate the land. Users can grow and harvest crops and trees. Besides, they can also raise livestock and purchase land. Zynga in a statement confirmed that its 11 years services on Facebook will be ceased post-December 2020.

The decision to discontinue FarmVille came after Adobe announced to cease the distribution of Flash Player. Adobe said that it will no longer provide updates for Flash Player. The software giant provides Flash Player updates across all web browsers. The video game has always run on Flash. Notably, companies are gradually doing away with Flash support. This is affecting games that are coded in Flash. FarmVille gave a different kind of gaming experience to the video game players. It helped several websites, including Facebook to grow their social networking too. The game became addictive in a short period. It allowed friends to help each other to reach new levels.

Zynga, however, has promised to keep the game’s legacy alive. The company said that it will release a new version of the game soon. It will be called FarmVille 3. It will be launched on mobile. Zynga said that FarmVille 3 will offer fun activities that will make it more enjoyable. Zynga said that in-app purchases will discontinue after November 17. Zynga has asked the players to utilize the balance credits before it shuts down the operations permanently. According to Zynga, the video game has 83 million monthly active users on Facebook. The daily active user stands at 34 million. Facebook described FarmVille as a perfect blend of social networking and gaming.