NASA To Fund Texas-Based ICON To Develop 3D Printing Construction Systems For Moon, Mars

The US space agency NASA is working on a plan of a 3D printing construction system for the Moon and Mars. According to the agency, it is working with ICON to conduct research and develop the system. The space-based construction system will support future exploration missions of the Moon and Mars. ICON is a construction technologies company. It is based in Texas. The announcement about the contract was made by ICON. The company said that it has bagged the government’s Small Business Innovation Research contract. It includes funding from NASA as well. The company statement said that it will research and develop a space-based construction system for the space agency.

The statement added that the company will soon dedicate a separate division that will focus on space-related works. ICON co-founder Jason Ballard welcomed the investment by NASA and promised to push architecture and technology to new levels. Jason said that with NASA, the company will take the agency closer to its thought to advance humanity in space. Besides, it will also assist in solving vexing questions that humans face on Earth. NASA is working on a concept to allow astronauts to sustain a presence on the Moon and explore the solar system. It wants to provide flexibility and mobility to them on the lunar surface and in the space for better results.

NSA understands that investing in new technologies will be determining the success of future missions. The agency said that it is planning to place a lunar terrain vehicle on the Moon. Besides, it is also considering a lunar recreational vehicle. If all goes well, NASA will be executing its plan by end of the decade. The proposed program is a part of NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate. The Texas-based firm will work with the Marshall Space Flight Centre. The space agency in recent times has been partnering with industry leaders and institutions to help design and execute its missions more dynamically. NASA has set a target to land the first woman and the next man on the Moon by 2024.