Scientists Reveal Rhinovirus Can Help Immune System Ward Off The COVID19 Infection

Some scientists believe that the common cold can provide certain protection from COVID19 infection. Experts at Yale University have said that people who catch rhinovirus, which causes the common cold, might help fight off the COVID19 infection easily. Rhinovirus kick starts the body’s antiviral defense, which allows the immune system to ward off other viruses as well. Scientists have been examining whether this virus does the same thing against the SARS-CoV-2 virus as well. The body wards off the common cold by producing a chemical called interferon. Earlier experts were not sure whether interferon produced in response to fight off rhinovirus would work on other viruses or not. However, now they have found that infection of rhinovirus has produced an immune response against flu, which suggests it might prevent other viral infections as well.

Experts have been examining the introduction of the common cold virus ahead of the COVID19 infection to see whether it offers the same kind of protection or not. Scientists from Yale University have found that interferon provides protection at the early stage of the infection, so it can be used as temporary protection for people who are at a higher risk. The study says that rhinovirus prompts normal antiviral defense of these cells, which form the lining of the airway. All the viruses such as rhinovirus, flu, and COVID19 grow in the cell tissues, which form the lining of the airway.

Experts have clearly said that this interferon response does work in the COVID19 infection as well. The chemical called interferon can be attached to the cell, which will block the virus from entering the cells. The authors of the study have revealed that protection provided by interferon lasts for a week or up to two only. It does not provide protection forever. There is a need for further experiments to determine how well it can be applied to COVID19, as this virus is quite unpredictable. Experts are sure interferon will work on flu. They have said that it will work in early infection as it stops viruses to grow.