Google To Move Hangouts Users To New Free Chat Service Early Next Year

Search engine giant Google has announced to launch a new chat service soon. The company said that it will move Hangout users to its new chat service. The new service will be called Google Chat. It will be absolutely free. Google said that it will integrate the new chat service in Gmail. Besides, it will also launch a standalone app. The company is likely to launch the new chat service in the first half of 2021. Google said that it will ensure a smooth transition from Hangouts to Google Chat. It will automatically migrate Hangouts conversations to Google Chat. Besides, Google will also shift the contacts and saved history.

Google said that the new chat service will come with all Hangouts features. It will let users send direct messages and also in groups. There will be a few additions in Google Chat services. It will let users also send messages to the inbox. The company will incorporate options for faster searches as well. Also, there will be suggested replies. On Google Chat, users can also share and collaborate on files. Google Chat will feature strong phishing protections. Meanwhile, Google will soon start removing the Voice support in Hangouts. By the end of 2021, Google will probably retire Hangouts.

Google Hangouts was a part of Google Plus. The company launched a standalone app in 2013. Hangouts replaced Google Talk. The platform is now a part of G Suit. The company has renamed GSuite to Google Workplace. The rebranding will see all the Google services and apps coming under one umbrella. Google said that it is on the right path to give users a fully integrates experience. The company noted that people want to collaborate on one platform and establish communication. Google believes that doing this will enhance productivity and collaboration. The integration of Google’s services will make it easier for users to share documents and save time. Besides, it will give more time to finish the tasks.