Elon Musk’s SpaceX To Launch Uncrewed Mission To Mars In 2024

Private aerospace company SpaceX has finally announced an uncrewed mission to Mars. According to SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, the company will launch the mission in 2024. This will be SpaceX’s first uncrewed mission. Musk said that the company will use the 2024 window to make it to the Red Planet. Musk said this while referring to the 2024 launch opportunity. Notably, the opportunity to launch a Mars mission comes every 26 months. In July 2020, the US space agency NASA, China, and UAS launched missions to Mars. The next orbital mechanics to launch a mission to Mars will come in 2022. Both the Earth and Mars make the closest proximity at a distance of about 33.9 million miles.

The mission will be launched on SpaceX’s Starship rocket. Starship is a combo of a reusable rocket and a spacecraft. It is developed by SpaceX at its South Texas facility. SpaceX is also planning to use Starship for Moon missions. Musk believes that humans should begin to establish a sustainable presence on Mars. But the catch is, his SpaceX is not planning anything to build a base on the fourth planet of the solar system. SpaceX’s main job is to develop machines for transportation. According to Musk, it is necessary to look for a permanent base on Mars because some nuclear war or asteroid strike may make Earth uninhabitable.

Musk said that he is confident about the company’s Starship rocket reaching orbit. He said that the company will accomplish this feat next year and that it will be ready for an uncrewed mission to Mars in 2024, adding that initial test flights will be risky, and chances of failure will be very high. But the company is confident of developing prototypes of the massive rocket. SpaceX has also won a NASA contract to develop a human landing system on the Moon. The company is already working on building a Starship Lunar Lander under the Artemis program of NASA. The US space agency is working on a mission to land the first woman and next man to Moon in 2024.