Facebook Launches Cloud Gaming Service On Android, Desktop Website; Ditches Apple

Social media giant Facebook has finally made its Cloud gaming service official. The company has launched Cloud gaming on the Android app and desktop website. It comes with several new games in the main app on Android and the browser as well. The company didn’t launch the Cloud gaming on Apple because of the latter’s alleged arbitrary policies. Reports say that Facebook’s Cloud gaming path on the iOS platform is almost uncertain. But Facebook promised that it will work on alternative options for iOS. The iPhone maker had previously restrained Facebook Gaming several times from adding support for iOS.

According to a statement issued by Facebook, web and Android players will enjoy integrated cloud games. The releases include Asphalt 9: Legends, Mobile Legends: Adventure, PGA Tour Gold Shootout, and WWE SuperCard among others. Facebook said that access to the games will be limited to some areas of the United States. The regions include Texas, California, and Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. The company has plans to expand in other regions in the coming days. Facebook said that games will be hosted and rendered in the cloud. Playing games in the cloud have numerous benefits. Users are not required to download and install games separately.

According to Facebook, it has added an option ‘Facebook Gaming’ within the Facebook app and website. Users can play highly graphical games using this option. Facebook informed that no special hardware or controllers are needed to play games. On the desktop, these games can be played with a mouse and keyboard. Facebook’s free Cloud gaming service is smaller in scale than the existing players. It will compete with top players in the market like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Sony, Nvidia, and others. Facebook said that games will be free to play on its platform. The monetization will be advertisements. Monetization will come from in-app purchases. This will open a window for developers to advertise their games to gain more attention to the platform.