Experts Advise Authorities To Add Vitamin D With Milk And Bread To Combat COVID19 Disease

Scientists have urged health authorities to include vitamin D with some common foods such as milk and bread to fight COVID19 in a better way. It will help people ward off the infection, said the experts. As per the latest report, more than half of the UK population has been dealing with vitamin D deficiency. Researchers have said that taking vitamin D supplements has not worked well in this case. Previous studies have confirmed that a low level of vitamin D, which is produced by the body in response to strong sunlight, is linked with a higher risk of severe COVID19. Another study has noted that nearly 82 percent of 216 patients with COVID19, who have been hospitalized, have been diagnosed with low levels of vitamin D.

However, Public Health England (PHE) and the Department of Health and Social Care have been neglecting the need for the fortification of foods like milk and bread and orange juice, which is a usual practice in Finland, Australia, Sweden, and Canada. Experts have claimed that enriching these foods with vitamin D will help people to increase the levels of vitamin D, which will prevent them from catching severe COVID19. They have said that fortification of the foods requires careful planning as people have started taking vitamin D supplements as well in the UK. Health experts need to pick the right food items to fortify them with vitamin D.

Health professionals have found that despite many people have started taking vitamin D supplements, this policy is not working well as more than half of the population in the UK has been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency. Experts have seen that many people are not taking vitamin D supplements in the right way. A large proportion of people in the UK is still not taking these supplements. In such a case, fortification of foods might be a very good idea to eradicate vitamin D deficiency, said the experts. The body relies on sunlight for vitamin D, which means from March to October; people living in the UK need to find other sources of vitamin D such as, eggs, oily fish, and other supplements. Some foods like cereals and mushrooms have already been fortified with vitamin D. Hence, we need to fortify milk and bread as well for low-income households to fight against the COVID19 pandemic. Many experts have claimed that vitamin D not only prevents severe COVID19 infection but it can protect us against the infection as well.