People Commuting To Office Every Day Might Be At A Higher Risk Of Contracting COVID19

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has revealed that people who are working in the office might be more susceptible to COVID19 if they travel to work every day rather than working from home. Health experts have observed possible COVID19 exposure among working adults. They have found those employees who have been diagnosed with COVID19 are two times more likely to commute to work regularly as compared to those workers who have tested negative for the disease. This report has been published by the CDC itself. It has been included in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Experts from the agency have interviewed around 310 people who have undergone the COVID19 test earlier. They have found that half of them have been tested positive for COVID19. They have compared these COVID19 patients with a control group of people who have not been diagnosed with the disease.

In the study, people from both groups have been employed as full time or at non-essential jobs outside of critical infrastructure. They all have been identified with similar community exposure of COVID19. However, experts have found some differences in their behavior like only a third of people from the COVID19 positive group have reported working from home prior to their diagnosis. At the same time, half of the people from the control group have said that they have been working from home at least for some time. People from the COVID19 group have reported that have gone to the office or school two weeks before they have started feeling sick. Experts as well have found a link between going to the office regularly and attending church or other spiritual gatherings.

Experts have said that there have been certain limitations to this study. There has been a potential difference in people who have expressed their willingness to participate in the study and those people who have refused to participate in the study. There have been differences in the policies of remote working and full-time work policies. The study as well carries the possibility of scattered COVID19 tests due to the limits of PCR screening. Experts have recruited participants of the study from the outpatient setting, that is the reason they feel that findings of the study will be different among workers who have been dealing with severe COVID19 infection.