Great Conjunction Of Jupiter-Saturn On December 21, Closest Since 1623

The two largest planets — Jupiter and Saturn will come closest in the skies. According to scientists, the two gas giants will be making a close approach in the skies on December 21. The two planets will be less than a degree apart when they come close. The rare event has been named Great Conjunction 2020. Both planets will shine bright during the twilight, making it one of the best planetary conjunctions in years. The last time Jupiter and Saturn had come this much close was in 1623. Both the planets are visible to the naked eye in the night sky from Earth. But they were positioned wider apart. Their conjunctions are rare because of their slow movement.

While Jupiter, the fifth planet, takes 12 earth-years to complete one full orbit, Saturn, the sixth planet, takes 29 earth-years. Jupiter and Saturn come close to each other every 20 years. The next time the two planets will come close to each other will be in 2040. Although the two planets come close every 20 years, this will be the closest approach in nearly four centuries. To see this rendezvous, people will have to look towards the southwest to locate Jupiter and its left to see Saturn. This will be the first Jupiter-Saturn conjunction since 2000. This celestial event is also called heliocentric conjunction.

In astrology, conjunction takes place when two or more than two planets align. A Great Conjunction occurs when Jupiter and Saturn line up. Jupiter and Saturn are two magnificent planets of the solar system. The super proximity between Jupiter and Saturn will be again visible after 60 years, i.e. 2080. When Jupiter overtakes Saturn while orbiting around the Sun, the two planets are separated by more than a degree. But this December, the event will be different as they will be separated by just about one-tenth of a degree, almost nil. In astrology, the planets’ vibrations blend when they come close to each other and have an impact on humans, either for good or bad depending on the combination.