Facebook Rolls Out Vanish Mode On Messenger, Instagram That Deletes Messages Automatically

Social media giant Facebook has introduced a new feature that deletes messages. It is called Vanish Mode. It acts just like WhatsApp’s Disappearing Messages feature. According to Facebook, the feature will automatically delete messages upon closing the chat window. The feature has also been introduced to Instagram. Both WhatsApp and Instagram are parts of the Facebook family. Facebook said that the Vanish Mode will work both in the group and personal chats. It can be enabled with a swipe from the bottom of the chat window. The company said that when a message is sent, the content will remain on the screen until it is turned off. Users can take screenshots before it disappears.

Facebook, however, said that although the messages will disappear instantly, they will remain available in the system for two weeks. It said that users will be given a window to report conversations as they will not be deleted instantly. Earlier, the conversations used to stay in the chat history. The Vanish Mode is entirely new to Facebook. It will not affect the modalities of sending messages. Users can send GIFs, stickers, or memes. The only change that it will make is that the content will not stay in the chat history. Facebook said that the feature is already available on Messenger in the USA and a few countries. The feature is also available on Instagram for USA users. It will be extended to world users gradually.

Facebook said that the new feature is opt-in. Users will require to enter the Vanish Mode by swiping up. They can also switch to the regular chat. The only thing they require is swiping up. The company said that both the participants of a chat will require entering the new mode to activate it. The development comes close on the heels of Facebook introducing cross-platform communication on Messenger and Instagram. It allows Messenger users to connect with Instagram users directly. Likewise, Instagram users can reach out to Messengers users directly without leaving the platform.