Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Announces USD 791 Million Fund To Fight Climate Change

Several months after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced a USD 10 billion Earth Fund to fight climate change, the first tranche of that money has been announced. Bezos has announced 16 grants worth almost USD 800 million. In his Instagram post, Bezos said that the fund of USD 791 million has been announced to tackle climate change and its impact on the people around the world. “Future of our Earth can be protected by taking some bold action at present,” he added. The 56-year-old said that some established climate advocacy groups like the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) will get USD 100 million each. The remaining amount will be distributed among other selected environmental organizations. However, the specific amount that these organizations will get has not been mentioned.

One of the organizations that will get a USD 100 million funds is MethaneSAT. This is a satellite the keeps a tab on sources of methane pollution around the globe. Bezos said that the fund will help people who have made saving earth their life’s work. Commenting on the fund received, The Nature Conservancy CEO Jennifer Morris said that the generous gift from Amazon CEO will help them expand the work they have been doing. Morris said that the fund given by Bezos, who is worth over USD 183 billion, will be used to increase the forest areas with the help of indigenous and tribal communities.

The 16 grantees said that they had a meeting with the Amazon chief and his partner Lauren Sánchez earlier this year. The meeting was to apprise them about ideas that will be executed once they receive the fund. Bezos, who has made other charitable moves, had announced Earth Fund in February. Among his other philanthropic works is a network of free preschools for people in low-income communities in 2018. Earlier in 2017, Bezos had tweeted that he was looking for charity ideas so that he can assist people in the short run.