Experts Say MMR II Vaccine Might Be Able To Provide Protection From COVID19 Disease

Experts have been trying hard to find out an effective treatment to reverse the implications of severe COVID19 disease. In a new study, they have claimed that the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine might be able to provide some immunity against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID19. These findings of the study have been released in an open journal of the American Society for Microbiology called mBio. Scientists have shown that mumps IgG titers or levels of IgG antibody are conversely linked to severe infection in the survivors of COVID19, who have been vaccinated with the MMR II vaccine in the past. The MMR II vaccine is produced by pharmaceutical giant Merck. It carries the Edmonston strain of measles, the Jeryl Lynn (B-level) strain of mumps, and the Wistar RA 27/3 strain of rubella.

The lead author of the study Dr. Jeffrey E Gold has revealed a major converse link between mumps titer levels and severe COVID19 patients under the age range of 42 years, who have been vaccinated with the MMR II vaccine. These findings lead to other links, which show that the MMR II vaccine might be effective in preventing COVID19. The results of the study explain why children are at a lower risk of contracting the SARS-CoV-2 virus as compared to adults. Children as well are at a reduced risk of death due to COVID19. Most children are vaccinated with the first dose of MMR vaccine around 12 or 15 months of age. They get their second dose of the vaccine at 4 to 6 years of age. Around 80 people have participated in this study. Experts have divided them into two groups. Around 50 people who have been vaccinated with the MMR II vaccine have been kept in one group. These people have been compared with the other group, which includes 30 volunteers with no record of MMR vaccination. These 30 participants have acquired MMR antibodies from other sources such as prior measles-rubella or mumps infection.

In the MMR II group, experts have been able to find an inverse parallel between mumps titers and severity of COVID19. However, there has been no correlation between mumps titers and the severity of the disease in the other group where people have not been immunized with the MMR vaccine. Experts have found no link between mumps titers and the age of the volunteers in the MMR II group. Neither have they seen any relation between measles or rubella titers and the severity of the disease. In the MMR II group, experts have found around 134 to 300 AU/ml of mumps titers in people, who have been functionally immune or asymptomatic. All the participants who have been diagnosed with mild symptoms of COVID19 have mumps titers less than 134 AU/ml. People with moderate signs of the disease have been identified with mumps titers less than 74 AU/ml. Individuals who have been hospitalized or required a ventilator have been diagnosed with mumps titers less than 32 AU/ml, said the experts. This is the first immunological research, which has established a link between the MMR II vaccine and COVID19 disease.