Google Brings Schedule Commands Feature To AI-Powered Google Assistant Smart Appliances

AI-powered Google Assistant has announced to add the ability to allow users to schedule commands. This means users can now schedule when to turn on and turn off their smart devices. It is called the Scheduled Action feature. The new feature is available to some users. However, it remains unclear whether the new feature is available for users worldwide. Google Assistant was initially released in 2016. It was launched on mobile and smart home devices for hands-free help. It can engage in two-way conversations. The new feature will let users pass commands with specific actions at specific times. Google currently offers users to schedule routines. But it could not schedule commands for smart appliances.

Google Assistant’s support page said that it can face some trouble in recognizing temporal adverbs. It said that users will specifically require setting the exact date and time while scheduling a command. The new feature will also let users cancel scheduled actions as well. What they need is to be specific while scheduling the commands. The cancellation commands are, however, yet to become operational. Google’s publication said that if commands are specified, the AI-powered virtual assistant will acknowledge the commands easily. It will also ask for clarification when it fails to recognize the commands. The publication said that Google Assistant will confirm the exact time before scheduling a command.

Notably, the Scheduled Action feature will support the schedule for seven days. Meanwhile, Korean electronics multinational Samsung has announced to integrate the Google Assistant to the 2020 Smart TV lineup. It said that the move is aimed at providing more flexibility to users while controlling Smart TV. Samsung said that it is fully integrated and users will require no additional downloads or hardware. Samsung is expecting to see a rise in demand for its Smart TVs with the latest integration. It said that customers can now handle the television sets with voice commands. Samsung said that Google Assistant will be made available on all kinds of 2020 Smart TV models.