Experts Reveal The COVID19 Cases In England Has Reduced By 30 Percent During National Lockdown

A major study has found that the COVID19 cases in England have fallen by 30 percent during the national lockdown. This study has been done by experts from Imperial College London. Experts have tested more than 100000 people from 13 November to 24 November. The React 1 study provided a clearer picture of the COVID19 situation in the country, said the experts. They have observed that the rate of virus production has reduced by 0.88 which means every new infection turns into less than one other new case on average. Therefore, it means the pandemic is slowing down. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said that the country needs to continue its effort to curb the virus. The Imperial study has conducted random testing of people for COVID19, whether they have shown any symptoms or not. The findings of these tests have revealed that there has been a nearly 30 percent drop in coronavirus infection.

Experts have said that before the study and the period of 13 to 24 November, the cases have been surging and doubling the numbers every nine days. However, now cases are reducing but at a slow pace. The COVID19 cases in England are reducing by half every 37 days, as per the report. The North West and North East regions of the country have seen the highest number of cases in the past; however, in these areas as well the rate of infection has fallen by half. The findings of the study have shown that the East Midlands and West Midlands are still affected by the highest number of COVID19 cases. The UK government has imposed the lockdown on 5 November. Nevertheless, there has been a spike in the cases a week after the lockdown as well. Experts have said these infections have occurred due to pre-lockdown socializing, and it takes at least 5 days to confirm a COVID19 case after the infection.

Despite a drop in the new infections, the load of existing COVID19 cases is still high in the UK. As per the experts, one in 100 people has COVID19 infection, which is double the rate of infection in September, when the cases have started to rise in the country. The study as well has found that people of Asian ethnicity are at a higher risk of contracting the virus. People who have been living in a deprived neighborhood as well are at a greater risk of catching the infection. There have been around 72000 new cases every day as compared to 100000 cases per day in October. Experts have said that the tiered approach has helped in reducing the cases in the UK. Many experts have said that though it is good that the cases are reducing, however, authorities should continue their efforts to maintain the drop in the cases. The UK government has proposed England’s New Tier System’ which might prove to be crucial to keep the new infections falling.