Calculator App In iPhone Comes With In-Built Scientific Mode

Apple is truly a technology giant. Its products are regarded as the best in the industry. Its iPhone is one of the most sought products worldwide because of the quality services and features the company offers. Many people may not have spotted a unique feature in its calculator application. One major feature of the iPhone’s calculator app is that it has a scientific mode to solve complex equations. Yes, you read it absolutely correctly. The calculator application comes with a scientific mode. But there is a catch in this. The scientific mode is not available for use when the device is kept vertically. The scientific mode is visible only when an iPhone is placed in a portrait mode.

The scientific mode in the calculator app assumes significance as it could be handy for students, teachers, and researchers. Especially during the times of remote learning, they can use it to solve their problems. The scientific mode is an in-built feature in the calculator app. When users just an iPhone sideways, they can see the scientific mode. Users are already provided with options to perform basic arithmetic calculations in a standard calculator. The scientific mode unlocks several new functionalities in the application. It comes with advanced functions like parentheses, exponents, and trigonometric among others. Notably, the Apple Store has also a screenshot of the scientific mode for the app.

According to Apple, the scientific mode in the calculator app was introduced with iOS 2.0. The iOS2.2 was rolled out by Apple in 2008. But people didn’t notice the scientific mode in the app. People couldn’t notice it as they are in a regular habit of opening the calculator app when the iPhone is kept vertical. Apple also allows users to copy the results and paste them somewhere else like in a message or a note. It has also a function that lets users correct a number. Users just require to swipe left or right to make required corrections.