Tesla Adds New Feature Boombox To Let Car Owners Play Farting Sound

The US-based electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla has launched a new interesting feature dedicated to car owners. It has rolled out a feature that lets owners play farting sound. It is called Boombox. The company has updated the software to incorporate Boombox. Car owners can now play farting or goat sound among others, instead of regular honking. The feature is rolled out as part of the firm’s firmware 2020.48.26 update. It said that sounds are available through the Toybox section. According to the company, car owners can even upload custom sounds and music. Tesla owner Elon Musk said that users can use the new sounds in place of horn. The new sounds include goat baaing, fart, applause, someone speaking posh, and others.

Musk said that the feature will give a new kind of experience to the car owners. He said that Boombox combines real utility with lowbrow humor. He said that boring honking sounds are now a matter of past days. The new feature only works with cars that come with a built-in speaker. According to the company, cars manufactured after September 2019 feature built-in speakers. Tesla decided to add speakers in cars to meet the standards set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It had asked the electric car manufactures to bring a mechanism in place to produce some kind noise of noise to alert pedestrians. Electric cars are silent vehicles.

Tesla said that its cars can also make the same sound as an ice cream truck. Besides, car owners have also been given access to new games. The three games are Solitaire, Battle of Polytopia, and Cat Quest. Car owners can play these games when the vehicle is parked. Tesla is one of the leading electric car makers in the world. Its CEO Musk recently relocated to Texas from California where he spent most life. The company was founded in 2003. Outside the US, Tesla operates over 400 stores worldwide and has nearly 100 service centers.