Scientists From Tel Aviv University Claim UV LEDs Might Able To Kill 99 Percent Of Coronavirus

We all know that ultraviolet radiation is a typical way of killing viruses and bacteria. Now, scientists from Tel Aviv University have claimed that the SARS-CoV-2 virus can be eliminated effectively and much faster with the help of ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (UV LEDs). They have said that it will be a cheap method of killing the deadly virus. Prof. Hadas Momane, the head of the Environmental Engineering Program at Tel Aviv University has said that killing the SARS-CoV-2 virus using LED bulbs is quite easy and inexpensive. He has led the new study along with Prof. Yoram Gerchman and Prof. Michal Mandelboim. The lead author of the study has said that LED bulbs take less than half a minute to kill more than 99.9 percent of the coronaviruses. The research is the first of its kind across the globe. The findings of the study have been released in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B. Biology. Hadas Momane has been involved in the development of a ‘green wall’ at Tel Aviv University, which works like a sustainable ecosystem for waster energy and water. The author and her team have created cost-effective, dispersed, and non-polluting resources for generating ethanol. She has created an alcohol-based hand sanitizer from plant-based waste and residual paper fibers at the beginning of the COVID19 crisis.
The lead author of the study has said that LED bulbs are accessible in various ranges of wavelengths such as A, B, and C. UV-A comes with a wavelength in the range of 315 nanometers (nm) to 400 nanometers. UV-B comes with a wavelength of 280 to 315 nm, which is also known as medium wave light, said the expert. While UV-C contains wavelengths of 200 to 280 nm. As per the experts, UV-A is produced by the sun or artificial sources such as tanning beds. It is known to be weaker as compared to UV-B and UV-C. UV-A has some advantages to humans as it provides Vitamin D. However, it is quite risky as well because it leads to sunburn, and in some cases, it causes skin cancer. Generally, UV-B and UV-C rays do not reach humans as they are absorbed by the Ozone layer of Earth. Scientists have been observing these ultraviolet rays. They have said that these UV wavelengths are quite efficient in disinfection with the help of LED bulbs. Experts have said that disinfection systems based on LED bulbs can be installed in the ventilation systems and air conditioners in the hospitals, which will sterilize circulating air and emit it back into the room. Most of the time health workers do not have time to disinfect different types of equipment and other surfaces in the hospitals, in such a case it will be an easy and effective way to prevent the spread of the virus.
The team of scientists has said that they are developing a new technology, a transparent coating as well, which can be dipped or sprayed on different surfaces and it can instantly eliminate viruses with the help of visible light LEDs. These visible-light LEDs are not harmful or dangerous and are frequently used. The team of scientists has partnered with North Western University to develop this technology. In the new study, experts have been able to destroy viruses with the help of more easily available LED bulbs, which have a wavelength of 285 nm to 265 nm. It consumes very little amount of energy. Experts have said that these bulbs do not have mercury like standard UV lamps. The lead author of the study has said that in the near future, her team will be able to fit these LED bulbs in robotic systems, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, and water systems as well. With the installation of these bulbs, disinfecting larger space and surfaces will become easier.