ISS Astronauts Celebrate New Year In Style, Recreate Times Square’s Iconic Ball Drop Tradition In Zero Gravity

Astronauts aboard the International Space Stations welcomed the New Year in style. The astronauts recreated the iconic ball drop ritual in space to celebrate the New Year. They dropped a ball in zero gravity as the orbiting laboratory ring in 2021. A video from the ISS showed how five of the six astronauts marked the occasion. The video revealed how the new year looks in space. NASA astronaut Kate Rubins said that they wanted to make the moment a memorable one and wish the people on Earth uniquely. All they needed is a globe to recreate the ritual. The five assembled on December 31 eve and celebrated the moment with the drop ball ritual in zero gravity.

Notably, thousands of people gather at famos Times Square in New York City to see a glittering ball drop as the date changes on December 31 night. The famous tradition is watched by thousands every year but Times Square wore a deserted look this year due to strict restrictions because of the pandemic. NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins said that the astronauts aboard ISS wanted to bring the famous tradition to space. Astronauts decided that since they are living in zero gravity at the revolving laboratory, they had a twist by their side. The visual shows that the globe is dropped up and then the astronauts cheered as they headed up.

The video of the ball drop ritual was shared by NASA on its YouTube channel. The ISS orbits Earth every 90 minutes. It makes 16 laps each day. So the crew saw the New Year 16 times. According to NASA, the first day of 2021 was off the crew at the ISS. The orbit of ISS is around 400 km above the Earth’s surface. The ISS is used for conducting scientific experiments. The ISS is a joint project by five nations – the US, Russia, Japan, Europe, and Canada. It was launched in 1998. According to NASA, the ISS can be seen through naked eyes from over 6,700 locations on Earth.