Apple Temporarily Shuts Down All Retail Stores In Britain Amid Rise In Covid Cases

The US-based tech giant Apple has announced to temporarily shut down its all retail stores in Britain. The decision was taken as the UK government has imposed a fresh lockdown in the country. The new lockdown will remain in place till mid-February. The country has imposed a lockdown to combat the new variant of coronavirus that has wreaked havoc. Apple’s decision to shut down its retail store is significant as it will restrict the physical movement of the public. Apple ahead of Christmas shut down its over a dozen stores in the country of which the majority are located in London. The iPhone maker has now declared that its stores will not entertain the customers. Also, Apple stores in Scotland have been shut down.

In the US as well, Apple has temporarily shut down several stores. According to Apple, all its stores in California are closed for public visits. The company has also temporarily shut down its all stores in Mexico and Brazil. According to the Cupertino headquartered company, it operates 38 stores in Britain. As many as 20 stores were closed ahead of Christmas. Apple’s statement noted that its retails stores are suspending all non-essential businesses as lockdown comes into force. It promised to cooperate with the government and follow the rules laid by it to fight the pandemic.

Apple has now urged customers to buy products online. The company said that it will ensure free and contactless delivery of the products across Britain. Apple added that it is looking forward to welcoming shoppers again as early as possible. It has pasted a notice on each of the stores’ page on Apple’s website. Notably, the British government has imposed a fresh national lockdown in the country as it battles the new strain of the deadly virus. This is the third nationwide lockdown in the UK since the pandemic struck the life last year. Britain has reported nearly 2.71 million cases of infection and over 75,000 deaths.