NASA Lends Moon Rock Brought By Apollo 17 in 1972 To Joe Biden’s Oval Office

The Oval office of US President Joe Biden has a new and unique decorative item that has gained the world’s attention. It is brought from Moon. NASA has loaned out a lunar rock to Biden’s office. The agency provided the sample of lunar rock following a request from the new administration. It agreed to loan the rock from its Lunar Sample Laboratory Facility. The administration has now put the rock on display at Biden’s office. Tightly packed in a glass jar, the rock was displayed on the day of the new government’s inauguration. NASA has given it a very unromantic name. Its name is Lunar Sample 76015,143. According to NASA, the rock was brought from Moon in 1972. It was Apollo 17 that extracted it from Moon. Apollo 17 was the last manned mission by the US.

NASA said that decision to provide the lunar rock as a loan is a recognition of the past generation’s achievements and their ambitions. There is a plaque attached to the protective jar which explains the rock’s history. It weighs 332 grams. NASA claimed that the rock is 3.9 billion years old. It was formed during an impact on Imbrium Impact Basin. The agency is planning to land humans on Moon by 2024. It has decided to send the first woman and the next man on Moon by 2024. It wants humans to explore the moon and set up a base for future exploration of Mars and space.

Under the Artemis mission, NASA will send three spacecraft to Moon. While the first will be an uncrewed mission, the second will be a crewed spacecraft that will conduct a flyby and return to Earth. The third and final mission will take two humans to Moon. Meanwhile, NASA chief Jim Bridenstine has stepped down from the position. The development came as Biden took the charge of the President’s office. Biden will make a fresh appointment soon. He is likely to pick a woman for the role. Notably, the top office at the agency has only been occupied by men since it came into existence six decades ago.