Microsoft Reverses Plan To Hike Xbox Live Gold Subscription Prices

Hours after announcing a set of price raises for its Xbox Live Gold Subscription, Microsoft announced that it would be reversing the decision. The decision to raise the membership price of the online gaming service was met with widespread criticism. This promoted the tech giant to quickly reverse its decision. Soon after that Xbox chief Phil Spencer came forward to express his thoughts on the entire incident. Spencer apologized for the entire situation saying it was a good learning opportunity. “I apologize to our customers for the decision that caused a lot of angst and emotion among them. We will learn from this incident and also appreciate the feedback, as we have always been doing,” Spencer said on Twitter while responding to Parris Lilly, host of Gamertag Radio.

This is the only statement that has been given on a public platform by the Xbox on the matter over the course of the past day. As a whole, the situation was very unexpected for the customers. Especially considering the rhetoric of the Xbox boss in the past. Spencer has always been talking about how he wants to make Xbox accessible for all kind of players around the globe, regardless of in which part of the world they are playing. But the very idea of increasing the price of subscription flew in the face of this theory.

This is it’s a wise decision by the company to quickly roll back the increase. The decision would have doubled the price of a yearly subscription, required for players to play games on Xbox consoles. The company has now decided to ‘change this moment into an opportunity.’ Microsoft said that it will bring Xbox Live similar to online services being offered by Sony and Nintendo. This will not require subscriptions for free-to-play games. In other words, players will not require Xbox Live Gold membership to play games using Xbox consoles. At present, the cost of a one-year subscription in the United States is USD 59.99.