Joseph Nies – Sr. Editor
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Joseph Nies’s is one of the proficient and well-versed content writers at He scripts articles related to the Science and technology field. The wide array of material offered by Joseph Nies includes the latest discoveries, space missions, environmental studies, etc. You will often find news related to missions of various space agencies across the globe. In his free time, Joseph Nies likes to spend some moments at an orphanage. He also teaches the children there. You may contact him at

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Jessie Hinton – Editor
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Jessie Hinton’s has worked as a business executive in a marketing company before joining After entering the fleet, here, she has assisted in crafting some business-minded articles. Even more, Jessie Hinton best reports the latest happenings taking place in the Business sector. her colossal experience in the field offers a veteran touch to the material she writes. While not writing, you will see Jessie Hinton noticing ups and downs in the market and studying the market conditions. You may contact her at

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Sheila Schindler – Sr.Writer
+1 580-219-7190Sheila Schindler’s wanted to become a doctor, but she opted to become a nutritionist. After finding expertise in writing Sheila Schindler started maintaining a blog. At she writes an exclusive series of new releases related to the Health sector. Some of the titles include epidemic-related news, emerging diseases, health conditions, along with clinical trials. Apart from all this, Sheila Schindler is a foodie person, she likes to visit new places and eat new dishes. You may contact her at

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